Tuesday, 31 May 2011

Went to the beach today

I took a nice walk today and found this little beach.  I had to walk through someone's field to get there.  There were enormous cow patties in the field.  I half expected to come around the side of some big rock and meet nose to nose with a bull.  Thankfully, the bulls were all at home watching NCIS.  It was very peaceful here.  The sound of the waves lapping at the rocks was very relaxing. Gosh I sure do want a fishing pole now.

Monday, 30 May 2011

Don't get crabby

I think this little one is called the Common Shore or green crab.  They are exactly the color of the rocks & seaweed.  I was only able to see it when it moved.  Some people use these for bait.  Shore fishing can land you some plaice, mackerel, flounder, bass, pollack, turbot and cod.  They even catch sharks, skates and rays out here!  I'm trying to decide what kind of fishing pole to get; a salt water fly rod, or a medium fixed spool.  Probably won't be using these little crabs for bait though.  They're kinda cute.

Place your bets

I saw this earlier this week and thought it was hilarious.  The Irish bookmaker Paddy Power changed its name for President Barack Obama's recent visit to Ireland.  This particular retail betting location was in Dublin.  No news on what the odds are on Obama's re-election.

Personally, I don't like gambling.  I was surprised to find out that gambling is legal in Ireland.  Believe it or not, there are casinos all over the place.  Usually they are inside hotels at tourist destinations.  Now, it's not like Nevada where even the grocery stores have slot machines.  Ireland requires a business license for the specific purpose of being a "casino" or "gaming arcade."  The regulations are pretty strict:  Gambling establishments must enforce an age limit (minimum 18) with ID checking.  That explains why the local grocery store does not have slot machines:  Kids would not be allowed to come in if they did.

Another thing that separates Irish casinos from the Nevada ones is their policy on alcohol:  Irish casinos may not provide alcohol on the gaming floor.  In Nevada, you can be playing at a slot machine and a casino employee will come up and offer you a free drink.  Irish gaming law says that customers may not be given free alcohol.

Sunday, 29 May 2011

Gas per liter

So in Ireland they use this funny thing called the metric system.  I know, I know.  Crazy, right?  They even have different words for things.  In Ireland you don't stop to get gas and a bag of potato chips; you stop for petrol and crisps.  Anyway, petrol costs  1.53 euro per litre.  One-fifty-three sounds pretty reasonable, right?

 At 3.79 L per gallon, and 1.43 dollars per euro, that's $8.29 per gallon!  Holy petroleum, Batman!

Saturday, 28 May 2011

National Leprechaun Museum

The rainbow was out to lunch when we visited.  I think this kind of thing is just for the tourists.  You know, the people who watch The Quiet Man and think that everyone lives in thatched roof cottages and say "boyo" all the time.  I know for a fact they all live in mansions, drink Dom PĂ©rignon and say, "charge it!"

Caution: Harold & Maude

At a secret location in Galway, we found the place where Harold drove the Jag off the cliff.  And you thought it was Pacifica.  Ha!  The funny little car in the sign even looks like a little black Jaguar.

Roger Waters live at the O2

Wow!  What an awesome show.  For a long time Floyd fan, this was something I have always wanted to see.  Roger Waters performed The Wall on Tuesday, May 24th and put on a fantastic show.  From flying pigs to acid-trip school-masters, the stage show was choreographed to perfection.  As the show was going on, the stage hands were building the wall in the background.  The wall itself was used as a movie screen and graphics were projected on it constantly.  The lights and cinema work were amazing, just as the music was.  Right on!