Sunday, 29 May 2011

Gas per liter

So in Ireland they use this funny thing called the metric system.  I know, I know.  Crazy, right?  They even have different words for things.  In Ireland you don't stop to get gas and a bag of potato chips; you stop for petrol and crisps.  Anyway, petrol costs  1.53 euro per litre.  One-fifty-three sounds pretty reasonable, right?

 At 3.79 L per gallon, and 1.43 dollars per euro, that's $8.29 per gallon!  Holy petroleum, Batman!


  1. I remember being all confused about the price of gas (excuse me...petrol) in Germany. I told Grandpa Jack "Hey gas is cheap here!" And he just rolled his eyes and said "By the liter Andrea." I think I was absent in the 8th grade when we covered the metric system.

  2. Yeah, it feels cheap because we're used to gas prices in the 4-dollar range. If anything, saying, "gas costs one-fifty-three" makes me feel like it has gone on sale!

    Well, I know someone who just got a Volkswagen Passat turbo-diesel, and he tells me it gets 40 miles per gallon. So, it seems like cars are much more efficient here than they are in the USA.