Tuesday, 31 January 2012

Andrea don't look!

Please excuse the title, I have to warn somebody who has a phobia of flying bugs not to look.

Ok, so I was in town this evening (people say 'town' when they mean Dublin) and I walked past Arnotts.  They usually have a totally fruity Topshop window display.  We're talking Graham Norton's gold lamé sportcoat-fruity because really, Topshop is for boys who like dressing in their sister's clothing but just don't know why yet.  Not that there is anything wrong with that.  People can dress however they want.  More people need to embrace their inner Graham Norton.  Anyway this time Arnotts is gearing up for Spring and had a different look.  They apparently got a Set Design major from Dublin College of Art to make a theatrical scene.

I'm not exactly sure what inspired this... I can only imagine one of the following occurred in the mind of said design student:
  1. attended A Midsummer Night's Dream while on acid
  2. smoked funny cigarettes while watching National Geographic TV
  3. heard a quote by Muhammad Ali while drinking large quantities of Absinthe
 Whatever the case, the Arnotts window now floats like a butterfly and stings like a bee.

Hey, don't ask me.  I'm new here.  There are still a lot of things about Ireland that I don't understand.  Like parliament, leaving certs, and the immersion heater.  I still have no fecking clue how to work that thing.  Do I switch it on 'sink' or 'bath' when I want to take a shower?


  1. Hey! You have guys who dress fruitily in the US too! :-P

  2. Are you talking about hipsters or gang members who wear their pants hanging too low?

  3. That is one bizarre window display.. And they are trying to sell what, exactly?

  4. Beekeepers' hats are the new, hip, gender-neutral accessory. Didn't you know?

  5. I vote for option #2, "smoking funny cigarettes while watching National Geographic TV". LOL at all those flying things. There are so many of them that you hardly notice the clothing!

  6. Oh I get it. Beekeepers hats are the new cool accessory. Rap artists will wear them cocked sideways in order to display their keen sense of style. Hipsters will paint moustaches on the front. Emos, goths and mods will wear black ones. Disneyland will sell ones with big ears and embroider your name on the front. Spectacular. I just love fashion! (joking... I really don't understand it at all.)

  7. I wanted to wish you safe travels! Hope you have a great time.