Monday, 13 February 2012

Why I love Aer Lingus

I have become quite a fan of Aer Lingus, the Irish national airline.  They beat American air carriers hands down.  Not only are the stewardesses nice, but they have a comfortable cabins in clean aircraft and they have reasonable baggage rates.  They don't go out for this bullsh*t of charging a fee for the first checked item like US airlines do.  Aer Lingus starts charging at the second checked bag on long-haul flights.

Here are a few photos detailing our recent--and very pleasant--Aer Lingus flight:

The flight was not crowded.  We were surprised since it seemed like seats were filling up when we purchased out tickets online.  In a way I was kinda sad for them, since an empty seat is lost revenue, but then it also makes for a more pleasant flight.

No really, did I mention that the plane was un-crowded?  This brings me to another feature:  The Seats.  The rows are a decent width apart, and they are a pleasant shamrock green.  How nice.  I was quite impressed to find they are made by Recaro, makers of sporty bucket seats for your Porsche.

Another nice feature about the seats is the crystal clear LCD screen.  Hey, someone up there seems to understand that being stuck on an international flight is kinda boring, and they've tried to make your time spent in-air a little more enjoyable.  For example, they have full albums of music, tv shows, movies on demand, and even games.  Dude, Pink Floyd rocks.

New, efficient Airbus aircraft.  Our plane was new looking and in good nick.  I love these winglets they put on aircraft now.  Yeah sure, the Learjet 28 had them back in 1977 but they seem to have caught on only recently.  Anything to reduce fuel cost and save passengers a few quid is a good thing.

New aircraft seem to be quieter too.  Is it me or is an Airbus 330 about twenty decibels quieter inside than a Boeing 767?

Again, the cool LCD screen on the seatback will tell you where you are with a comprehensive map and ETA display.  We flew over Newfoundland at 40,000 feet.  In other news, there is a place called NUUK!  Hey Moe, wub wub wub!

Now we're just getting silly.  You can play games on your seatback TV, including Who Wants to Be a Millionaire?  The game is played with a remote control hidden in your armrest.  Ok, for 200 Euros what is the word to describe 12:00 midday?
  • Moon
  • Swoon
  • Noon
  • Poon  ...wait, WTF Aer Lingus??  I'm pretty sure that's a bad word in Europe too.

That's ok... all is forgiven with a snack.  Aer Lingus fed us well.  Flights from Dublin to Chicago include a beverage (bar service available), then dinner, then tea, then water, then a breakfast roll.  Dude, is that a Spife?  Sporks were so like, last century.  Seriously, Aer Lingus rocks.


  1. Even though I hate flying, I really do hope they re-introduce the long-haul flights to SFO again. Connecting in Chicago is such a pain, especially since you have to go through security *again*. Oh, and you get the choice of getting zapped in the scanner or felt up by a TSA agent. Oh, and there is no food or drink (not even a coffee!) after you pass through security. Oh, and then United crams you into an old place for 4 - 6 hours. Yeah, Aer Lingus, bring back flights to California!

  2. We miss you too! Please come visit us this summer if you can. We've got a nice guest room, and we might even have the car on the road by then.

  3. Those seats do look a lot more comfortable!

    So what's next? A knork? or a foife?