Sunday, 1 September 2013

Brown Thomas Has Premature Ejaculation

Christmas comes early at Brown Thomas, a posh Grafton Street store in Dublin.  I was in the store on August 31st and they already they had Christmas trees and decorations out.

Consumers aren't stupid.  We know the game; Christmas is the biggest money-generating season for retailers.  The corporate suits think they can somehow extend the season by starting it earlier.  So every year, we see the decorations come out just a little bit earlier, but it's so transparent.  Consumers know it's just a scheme to weasel more money out of them.  It is off-putting because retailers are so shameless about it.

Seriously.  It's summer.  WTF?

oh boy!  cheap plastic shit from China!

Gosh how quaint, an old-timey market.

The wanks up there in Marketing must have had quite a circle-jerk around the conference room table when they decided this time, Christmas should come in August.

Pardon me, but aren't the Christian holidays just a rip-off of early pagan calendar-based festivals?  Christmas is a re-branding of Yule, the midwinter celebration.  Megalithic people built Stonehenge and Newgrange 5000 years ago so they could tell when the shortest day of the year occurred.  They planned a holiday around it because--let's face it--spending winter in a hut with all your relatives gets old really fast.  My point is, you can't have a MIDWINTER celebration in SUMMER.

Oh, and Brown Thomas, can you please tell me what happened to Halloween?  Shall we be ignoring this non-gift-giving holiday?  Yeah, maybe it's all for the better.  That would just confuse the kids in October.


  1. Well said!!
    No sign of the 'C' word here yet but I wouldn't be surprised to see glitter every where when the school term starts. Crazy!!!
    Sending the Summer sunshine and long may it last....

    1. Thanks Angela. I think that was the most 'adult' language I have ever used in a blog post. This really ruffled my feathers. Heck, we don't get much of a summer here in Ireland, and now they want to take it away from us? I'm putting my foot down. Viva el Verano! Yes, long may it last.

  2. Thank you!! August 31st is still summer. And so is Sept 1, Sept 2, and so on ...

    I'm from Texas but have lived here since 2007, and I still can't get used to the demarcation of the seasons. Spring does not begin on Feb 1st!!