Sunday, 16 March 2014

British Museum

We are enjoying our weekend holiday in London. Today we visited the British Museum. They had two special exhibits on. First we saw Columbian Gold, which was very good. The Columbian's level of technology in metal smithing in 1600 BC was incredible. They made good use of gold & copper alloys and had intricate lost-wax casting methods. Second was the Viking ship and artefacts exhibit at the museum. This exhibit suffers from being too crowded at the beginning. A lot of items are packed into a tight space and traffic flow is a problem. Some of the best items were actually pieces on loan from the National Museum of Ireland! Alas no photographs were allowed in each, so here are some other shots from around the British Museum.

Courtyard outside of the British Museum

Interior of museum, with architectural conservatory style roof

Amenhotep III, 1370 BC

Lely's Venus (Aphrodite), 2nd century AD


  1. What a wonderful trip! You are so fortunate to be so close to London so you can enjoy these amazing sights. The statue of Lely's Venus is lovely.

  2. The museum is brilliant. We are lucky to have London so close and good flights off-season from Aer Lingus. It is so much fun to get away for a long weekend and see Paris or London. We might go to Prague next.