Monday, 10 October 2011


Have I ever told you my Thomas Kinkaid joke?  For those who don't know, Thomas Kinkaid is known as the, "painter of light."  His shtick is to have a bunch of prints made up from one of his cutesy cottage paintings and then someone in a sweat shop dabs a bit of paint on it and they call it a Limited Edition Proof Giclee.  Yeah yeah, and the gnome on my lawn is a Michelangelo.

Anyway, my joke is, "Did you know Thomas Kinkaid has a twin brother?  It's Lucifer Kinkaid, painter of DARK, muh haa haa..."

You know, he still paints houses, they just look like something the Addams Family would live in, with gargoiles and cobwebs and spikes and stuff.

Ok, you have to understand, I think Thomas Kinkaid is Masters Edition gold plated Hallmark-card crap.  I had a pretty good laugh when he got picked up for drunk driving in Carmel.  Soon after, the International Thomas Kinkaid Gallery on Lighthouse Ave. in Monterey closed due to his impending bankruptcy.

Honestly there wasn't a person more deserving.  Go read up about this bastard on Wikipedia.  He boasted about relieving himself on Winnie the Pooh in Disneyland, Anaheim, saying, "This one's for you, Walt!"

Dude.  Nobody pees on Pooh.  Seriously, there's something wrong with that guy.  Anyway, I found it fitting that the (closed) Thomas Kinkaid gallery in Dublin is on Lemon Street, and no, I'm not takin' the piss.  (Irish expression meaning BS-ing.)


  1. In my opinion, his stuff is crap, even worse than Rodrigue. Yes, **that** bad! His paintings look like something you's find in a box of cheap xmas cards.

    Oh, and piddling on Mickey at Disneyland is NOT cool! Good riddance

  2. I LOVE when I tell people I'm an artist, and they go "oh I like that Thomas Kinkaid." It's even better than when I'm asked if I want to teach!

  3. Oh that must get annoying. What is sad is that when you say "artist" the first thing that comes to their mind is not Van Gogh, Picasso, or Bouguereau... but Thomas farking Kinkaid. Don't the colleges teach art history anymore? It's pathetic really. I guess there is no such thing as Common Knowledge any more. If it's not a reality show based in New Jersey, people don't pay attention.

  4. Tee heehee I couldn't agree more. For years my Husband has complained about TK. He has always called him "painter of Mud".

  5. Owch! Painter of mud? Muh haa haaa. I don't know why but that makes me do the Evil Laugh. It's SO true. The thing that bugs me the most is how he can sell the same painting ten different ways, simply by calling them Limited Edition, Proof Edition, Inner Circle of the 66th Demon Edition, etc. It's. The. Same. Damn. Painting. Lol.

  6. I didn't realise that TK was so popular (Well, maybe "popular" is the right word... Maybe "infamous" may be better, lol). Anyway, it looks like his gallery is closed down because the shutters are always down when we pass it. I guess it's no loss