Monday, 12 September 2011

Les Douceurs pour Fromages

We discovered a new indulgence at the grocery store.  Well, two actually, since one of them is the entire cheese department.  The other is a quince preserve with thyme and rosemary from France.  Omg.  Happy mouth.  :D

Oh right... the cheese.  This is Pont L'Eveque, which is kind of like Limburger's gentler cousin with better manners.  We wanted to get the smelliest cheese they had at Superquinn, and owing to Irish sensibilities this was the most powerful cheese we could come up with.  It has er... shall we say, an odor.  Un parfum.  Ok, it's a bit smelly, but in nice way with a pleasant cheesy aesthetic.  Not a sweaty Birkenstocks odor like Limburger.  Anyway, the smell is the strongest thing about it, and it goes great with herby quince spread.  The preserve is from Favols.


  1. I know that cheese, Pont L'Eveque! I have enjoyed it before and agree that it's flavor (and odor) are pretty incomparable.

  2. Oh, I´d surely wanna try it, it tastes good despite the interesting odor, right? :P

    oh, and here´s a little blog award for you, if you have time, check it out :D

  3. hehe, thanks for the blog award! :)

    Yes, the taste is mild with a certain cheesy goodness, and a creamy texture like brie. It just has a certain smell that we could call pungent, but it is not too bad.