Monday, 5 September 2011

Rainbows and Mushrooms

I saw both of these things in my back yard on Sunday.  There was a perfect rainbow that went from ground-to-sky-to-ground, alas no pots of gold.  There were also these funny mushrooms in my lawn.  The last time I mowed it, I was too lazy to pick up the grass with the grass catcher so I just let all the clippings mulch the yard.  Well, about a week later these guys popped up!  My Complete Irish Wildlife book (by Paul Sterry) says they are Shaggy Ink Cap, Coprinus comatus.


  1. Shaggy Ink Cap? Love that name! Did your house come with a lawn mower or did you have to buy one? I am having a hard time picturing you owning such a domestic item.

  2. The landlord lent us an ancient Flymo. We share lawn mowing duties. All these mushrooms popped up all of a sudden after the back garden was mowed. They were nice at first, but now they're scraggly and black and ugly :-(

  3. Yeah, when the rain hits them, they kind of disintigrate from the bottom up. They turn into a gooey black inky mess.