Sunday, 22 April 2012

Dublin is confusing

Maybe it's just me, but the weirdest stuff goes through my mind when I see signs in foreign countries.  For everyone who has gone to Germany and chuckled at the Ausfahrt sign, you know what I'm talking about.  Today we got off the bus in front of a bead shop called Yellow Brick Road and we passed this sign offering Jewellery Courses and a peyote workshop.  Wait, what?

Here are 10 things about Dublin that confuse me...

Come for the beads, stay for the drugs

Why would you want your tattoo pierced?  Is this some new thing?  "Yeah, I got this hula dancer on my bicep, and I think she needs earrings now..."

So this is how toilet paper is made:  It's forged by TPsmiths.  I can just see them beating on boards, flattening them out until they are soooo thin.

They charge 12 euro to use the pay toilet?  Those pee spaces are outrageous!

Come for the cheap cider, stay for the fights...

I always wondered who doctors went to when they got sick?

Um yeah Caesar, she poops all over, she terrorises the cat, she's just impossible at home.  Can't we do something?

OK true story.  So I move to a country where it rains a lot.  I want to buy a Goretex coat.  So I walk into Superdry... and it's like an Abercrombie & Fitch store with music blaring at full volume and pop-collared, pastel-colored polo shirts.  There is not a raincoat in sight.  Confusing name.  Seriously Superdry, wtf?

Why stop with a nose job?  Heck, you can get new ears too!

"Hey baby, how you doin'?"



  1. Definitely funny signs. And your last comment, did you say it in your best Joey Tribbiani voice?

  2. Of course we have smiths to forge our TP. Only the best will do for our delicate Irish bottoms XD