Saturday, 14 April 2012

No boots at Boots?

Today my awesomer half and I took the comfortable and ever-efficient Dublin Bus to the Liffey Valley Shopping Center.  Wait a second, the Dublin bus is "comfortable" and "ever-efficient?"  No not really.  I'm just drinking a big gin & tonic right now and I'm in that "I love you, man" mood.  Do not attempt to adjust your set.  We are experiencing cognitive difficulties.  Your regular blog post will continue in a moment.

Liffey Valley is pretty much like every other mall in the Western World.  Except they don't have a Cinnabon.  I'm pretty sure Ireland isn't ready for a Cinnabon.  Look, they just got an Ikea.  Give them time.  Anyway, our mission today was to purchase cosmetics at Boots.

Boots is a pharmacy.  Wait, what?  Boots doesn't sell shoes?  No, it's a British pharmacy chain that has outlets in Ireland.  Think of it as a Target, just without the homewares.  Or, maybe it's more like a CVS just not such a rip-off.  Or like a Wallgreens, just more upscale.

Apparently this Boots is the only place where you can find Stila cosmetics in Dublin.  They used to have it at Cleary's on O'Connell Street in town, and at the uber-posh Brown-Thomas store on Grafton Street.

So, while my awesomer half was in cosmetics-valhalla, I wandered around the store.  Being an American, the brand names always amuse me.  Some things are the same the world around, like Oral-B toothbrushes and Colgate toothpaste, and some things are re-branded.  For example, in America we call this crap "Axe Body Spray."  Over in Europe it has been re-branded as Lynx.

You've seen the commercials; some pimply college freshman is in grocery store and he sprays a gentle "test-spray" of Axe deodorant on himself; he is promptly tackled by sex-starved co-eds making sensual "mmm" noises.  Yes, it's all bullshit.  But 18 year olds buy this stuff.  Hell, they BATHE in it.  Even the bottle promises instant sex appeal.

I am much too mature for that kind of stuff.  So I immediately found the Doctor Who toys.  OMG Boots is awesome.  Where else can you get asprin, dental floss AND a Sonic Screwdriver?

By the way, I bought the Tardis pen.  It rocks.


  1. Sound like a great place, except for the Lyxn.
    I have to ask, why didn't you buy the sonic screw driver? Do you already have one? Is it too dangerous to have more than one?
    Great pen. Wonder if Think Geek will ever get these in stock. Hubby is a fan. I miss David Tennant. He has been my favorite. Hubby has a USB tardis. He could use a sonic screw driver, they're so useful!

    1. Haha, the sonic screwdriver was 20 euro, (26 dollars.) Kind of a lot for a plastic toy. Hmm... maybe someone can get me one of those for my birthday. (grin)

      Yeah, I have to agree with you there, David Tennant rocks. However I am willing to give Matt Smith a chance. I have noticed that both of them have brought more compassion and emotion to the role. The character of The Doctor is played a lot differently now than he was in the 70's and 80's.

      The previous actors were guarded in their emotions. Very British I suppose. For example, you'd never see Colin Baker discussing pacifism or Peter Davison shedding a tear for the Cheem (tree people.)

      When I watched it as a kid it was pretty low-budget. Robots had plungers for arms and monsters wore rubber suits. The Doctor saved your planet and offered you a jelly baby. Now they discuss complicated moral and ethical issues. The Doctor even has a (gasp!) love interest. It has become more of a "drama" I guess. Both Tennant and Smith are really good for the role, in that regard.