Monday, 9 April 2012

Spring in St. Stephen's Green

My awesomer half and I went to Cafe' en-Seine today (more on that later--the crème brûlée was fantastic) and afterwards we took a walk through St. Stephen's Green.  We had the day off work because today is a bank holiday.

The City of Dublin does a great job with landscaping the park.  We were blown away by all the flowers in bloom.  They probably could have bailed out the banks with all the money they spent on tulips!  Well, we're glad they didn't.

The entrance by Grafton Street

Memorial to O'Donovan Rossa

Aren't these great tulips?  Just making a guess here but I think these are called "Carnaval de Nice"

 Wait, what?  Washingtona palms can grow in Ireland?  No way!  Yes way.

Prunus Kwanzan in all her glory

St. Stephen's Green:  Bringing you awesome flowers since 1877

Planting at the south end of O'Connell bridge in the park

Tulipa Angus Young (a.k.a. AC/DC)

People enjoying their bank holiday


  1. oh my gosh, soo many flowers and green grass I in Estonia, it was pure white landscape as I woke snowed heavily last week, too.
    And today the sun came and melted it away, so everything is brown, wet and shitty, I'mma have to need a boat or smth to get to school tomorrow XD
    But my these palms and those pink-blossomed trees look so dreamy. Wish I could take a walk in there right now.

  2. Wow I guess they did plant tulips. That's a lot of work as they will have to redo it all when they are done. I really miss all the gardens (I come from England) in the USA. It does not seem like they want to bother with it all. I don't know. Budgets and all that. In Michigan I can see how it would be difficult but still............I do miss it. We have wonderful wilderness though. Still not as nice as England in my book. I am sure Ireland is the same way.
    Thanks for visiting my blog
    Janice........I will follow yours and watch your adventures.