Sunday, 26 August 2012

Some Boat Thing (part 2)

My other half and I went to a confusing event yesterday.  It was packed full of people and not much was going on.  The official title of the event was:  The Dublin Tall Ships Races Festival presented by Szczecin, Sail Training International.

Let's try to make sense of this:
  • The Tall Ships -- ok, I'm with you so far...
  • Races Festival -- wait, the boats are just parked there, not... racing.
  • presented by Szcsecin -- Szzwhutthefuk?  Who?  Huh??
  • Sail Training International -- excuse me, this is some kind of training exercise?  I thought it was a race.  What's going on here?

Surely this can't be some sort of sailboat training class.  I mean, the Italian Navy showed up.  In this:

Something tells me these guys have advanced past Dinghy Sailing 101.  I mean, they don't let the noobs pilot something that looks like it came out of the Museo Nazionale Romano, do they?

Lo and behold, if you Google Amerigo Vespucci (the name of the ship) you find it IS a training vessel.  What is going ON here? 

I wish somebody would have explained the event better to the crowd.  I doubt anybody attending the "Tall Ships Festival" knew what it was all about.  I mean, me and like 999,999 other people simply took pictures of stuff:  Like this twat parked illegally:

"Will the owner of the Alexander von Humboldt please move your vehicle?  You are in a 24 hour Clamping Zone."  Haha, we really didn't know what we were looking at most of the time.  Case in point:

The Mexicans have a nekkid Aztec dude on the front of their boat?  Really?  I was kind of expecting a Chola with a switchblade or something.  The Hispanic member of the Village People doesn't exactly strike fear into the hearts of pirates.  Even this is better:
Behold, the BAE Guayas proudly displaying the Ecuadorian Battle Turkey, in all its glory!  Pitty the poor pirate who underestimates these sailors.

We saw this guy getting off the boat from Ecuador.  He better watch out, the sailboat from Sweden was right behind!

This was the HMS Ikea, flagship of the Swedish Merchant Marines, delivering its shipment of flat pack furniture to the Dublin Port.

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  1. Hey, the Aztecs were pretty vicious! The turkey though, I'm still a little lost on that.