Sunday, 20 May 2012

Psychadelic Sitting Room

My aunt Mary once paid me a nice compliment.  She said, "You don't need to take drugs.  You're already naturally psychedelic."  haha at least I took it as a compliment.  Somebody else told me, "If you remember the 60's, you weren't there."  Well that's true too.  I certainly don't remember it... having been born in the 70's, but maybe part of me was there in spirit.  In any case it occurred to me recently that we keep picking up things to decorate our sitting room that are rather psychadelic.  Are your possessions a reflection of your personality?

My awesomer half and I were walking past a Next shop window the other day and this vase caught my eye.  Isn't it groovy?  The orange-red honeycomb reminded me of the 1960's Star Trek set somehow.  haha

Sometimes after a long day, we come home and spark up some incense.  Auroville is a really good brand.

We totally scored on this.  Debenham's had a half-off sale on lighting and I think we picked up this Lava Lite for only 17 euro.

A month ago we were walking in Dublin and we found a street artist selling these really cool reproduction Fillmore posters.  He's very good and has a shop on etsy called Sunflower Prints.

I am very proud of this.  We just had this black & white photo enlarged and framed.  When my awesomer half and I were in San Francisco in February, we saw this Karman Ghia over by Haight Street.  This picture turned out really well.  I think it looks like like a 60's album cover.

Syd Barrett sits quietly in the corner of our sitting room.  We are big fans of Pink Floyd.  I especially like the early stuff where Syd showed off his whimsy, such as See Emily Play on The Piper at the Gates of Dawn.

We put Christmas lights around our stereo.  haha  You can see our copy of Pink Floyd's Pulse album blinking away next to the right speaker.  Right on, man!


  1. You're a Gemini! Phsychedelia was made for us!

  2. I was also born in the 70's, the beginning of the 70's. But I stay far, far away from too much color and too much pattern. I blame it on the groovy clothes they made me wear! You must be at the end of the era and still find it cool. Or you are just cooler to begin with! Though I agree about Sid.