Wednesday, 3 August 2011

110 Pick Up

I am quite fond of green pick up trucks.  My vehicle back in the states was a trustworthy old Ford truck painted hunter green.  Yesterday I was at Eason's book store on O'Connell Street and I saw this truck parked out front.  Very cool.  This is a Land Rover Defender 110.  They look very sturdy don't they?  I am told that you can dismantle the entire vehicle with a screwdriver.  haha  Anyway, they are supposed to be easy to work on.  My other half tells me that one of her coworkers gave her a ride home once in his Land Rover.  She said, "It was a bone shaker."  Apparently, the suspension needs a little improvement in the comfort department.  One thing I have noticed about Ireland--or at least about Connemara--is that they have a lot of roads with grass growing down the middle.  I used to say that you know you are lost when you are on a road with grass growing down the middle of it.  Now, I kind of like those roads.  They lead to wonderful places.


  1. Yes, this truck does look very utilitarian. My husband would appreciate the ease of taking it apart/repair. He always complains that it just isn't easy anymore to work on your own car (like it used to be in the 70's).

  2. Yeah, that's one of my pet peeves with society today; nothing is meant to be user-repairable any more. We live in such a disposable society. I dunno... maybe I'm just old fashioned, but I like changing my own oil, replacing my own shocks, shining my own shoes, planting my own garden, building my own bookshelves, etc. I like getting my hands dirty.