Sunday, 7 August 2011

Houston, we have a problem

The first time we went to Eddie Rocket's, I thought it was totally cool.  They served us a big hamburger with big French fries and the meal was alright.  The interior is decorated in neon lights with rocket-red vinyl booths.  They have these funky chrome jukebox controls at the table where you can flip through the metal pages and choose a song.  I stuck a couple 20 cent coins in the jukebox but my songs never came up and we stayed there almost an hour.  I chose "Ring of Fire" and "I Walk the Line" by Johnny Cash.  After one trip to a roadhouse in Hubbleton, Wisconsin back about ten years ago, I learned to appreciate hearing Johnny Cash on the jukebox.

The second time I went to Eddie Rocket's, I have decided the novelty has totally worn off.  We were there for about 45 minutes and again my jukebox songs never came up.  Damn!  Is this thing even working?

So... this is supposed to be a 50s diner right?  Bless her for trying, but our waitress was just off the bus from Poland who barely spoke English and didn't understand the word, "refill."  She also got my order wrong:  I ordered sliders and got chicken tenders.  That culinary mistake consisted of three of over-fried nuggets of chicken dumped unceremoniously on top of a small pile of pathetic fries.  I called them "digital fries" because each one was only an inch long and looked like a component from a digital display.

How much did all this cost?  €6.50 for the "value meal" (chicken tenders and a Coke) plus €2.50 for a refill.  In dollars that's $9.36 for just half of what McDonalds gives you in a "six piece chicken McNuggets" and a whopping $3.60 for a refill of Coke.

In my own head, I make up nicknames for fast-food chains.  For example, Burger King becomes "booger fling" and Jack in the Box becomes "Yak in the box."  I think Eddie Rocket's has become Eddie F**kit's.  This rocket failed to get off the pad and cost us a small aerospace budget.

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