Thursday, 28 June 2012

By Gosh, I'm Posh!

Hi y'all!  Remember the store on Grafton Street that had the rats hanging in the window?  Yeah that one.  I'm starting to like this store.  No not because of the rats silly, those were just bizarre.  I have no idea what drugs they were taking when they thought that was a good idea.  Seriously, I've met Timothy Leary and I still don't know what they were on.  Anyway I like this store because of the SALE.  Can you say 70% off?  Oh yeah.  (Mom, I got your shopping gene.)  Check this out... they even put it in a cool suit bag:

"What's in the bag," you ask?  Allow my lovely assistant to demonstrate...

I scored a Barbour waxed cotton coat for 70-percent off.  Even the sales clerk said, "Yeah, Barbour never goes on sale, this is amazing!"  I figured that after living in Ireland for a year it was time to finally buy a rain coat.  Check this out, it even has dogs on it!

It's not really clear what he's holding.  A newspaper perhaps?  Packet of bacon?  Lookie there is even a duck on it...

Camouflage dogs and ducks, what's not to like?  Apparently Barbour is very posh.  The salesman pointed out that it has three Royal Seals on the label.  Getting one royal endorsement is common enough, (Heinz 57 ketchup has that) but getting three is really crème de la crème.

I think the first one says, "By appointment to King Dumbledore of Hogwarts."  The second one is, "H.R.H. Prince Potter of Understairs," and the third is by appointment to, "Lady Quidditch of Rowling."  Anyway, we've been having some rain recently so who knows, I might be able to wear it tomorrow!  Our roses love all the rain they've been getting.

This is my awesome Jacques Amyot rose from Fabien Ducher in France.  Well, thanks for looking!  Have a great day everyone.  Wishing you sunny skies, happy dogs, and fragrant roses.


  1. Hope you still have some roses when I come to visit! I really like your new raincoat.

  2. Very imaginative royal titles! How about "the Dark Prince Draco from the House of Salazar Slytherin" ?

    1. Haha, that's a good one, but you have to remember there are no snakes in Ireland. The government implemented the Household Charge recently, and that included the Burrow Tax. So all the snakes--being nearly destitute--left for warmer climates.