Saturday, 23 June 2012

Wine Aisle at the Grocery Store

We took a nice walk through the park to Superquinn this evening.  That's our local grocery store.  As a Californian expat, it always amuses me to check out the wine aisle at Irish grocery stores.  I'm such a snob, I love to snicker at bottles of wine that would be $2.99 bottom-shelf-fodder in California.  Over here they're going for outrageous prices and promoted at eye-level.  It makes me say, "OMG, do people actually think this is the good stuff?"  Sorry, but I was altered at an early age.  If you grow up knowing what Ridge Zinfandel is at age 6, it kind of changes your outlook for life.  So anyway... this is what they have going in the Dublin suburbs.

So this is what makes top shelf in Ireland.  Napa Cellars.  It says "made in Saint Helena, Napa County, California" but it says nothing about where the grapes were actually sourced from.  I'm guessing these were the better looking raisin grapes from Lodi.  (ooh, did I just say that?)  Hey, I heard they got 82 points once in Wine Spectator.  And Ralph Steadman is no longer doing acid...

Isn't this a cool label?  I love the woodblock-print.  You can just hear the wolf going, Awoooo...!

Holy crap!  What is this deviltry?

Sorry for the blurry photo, but I thought this label was pretty cool.  It's like, all spacey and stuff.  Far out, man!

This is middle-shelf stuff in Ireland.  Last time I was at Trader Joe's this was selling for $4.99.  Sure, when I was a college student this might have been my Friday night treat, but at 9 euro?  Dude, I can't believe the prices here.

By the way does this mushroom look like a butt?

So yeah, over here they call it coriander.  I still call it cilantro.

We had fajitas for diner.

And gin & tonics.  Yum-o!


  1. Frozen Old El Paso fajitas? You have to be desperate for Mexican food.I guess that explains the gin and tonics, lol.

    1. Oh! haha no, the fajitas aren't frozen. The package contains half-a-dozen flour tortillas and a spice mix. We fry up mushrooms, celery, jalapenos, tomato and fresh ground turkey. The spice mix goes in and it cooks up pretty quick. It's basically like making a burrito on the stove. Maybe I should do a blog post about that... it's actually one of our weekly meals.

      OMG, they even sell Cholula sauce at Superquinn! It's sooo good.

  2. I just spent 10 minutes cleaning spittle, snot and lung slug off my phone, after that innocent mushroom photo.
    Thanks for more deep laughter and nose clearing!

    1. Thanks Brandie! Did you ever watch Monty Python? They used to do this segment where John Cleese would go, "And now for something completely different..." and they would cut to a botanical lecture on the Larch tree, or some other non sequitur.