Saturday, 9 June 2012

Tardis in Dublin

My awesomer half and I had dinner at Eddie Rocket's in town tonight.  We went there last night too!  We must really enjoy that place.  I always have a Classic burger with a Coke, (hey that's just the kind of guy I am,) and she gets a Sweet Chilli Chicken Wrap and a root beer.  After dinner, we walked down a little alley called Bachelors Way, down by the Quay.  Lo and behold!  To my surprise we found The Tardis.

To those who are not familiar with the TV show Doctor Who, the Tardis is his time-travelling craft.  The name stands for Time And Relative Dimension In Space, which only makes sense to Time Lords and Sci Fi geeks.  We crossed the Liffey and walked into Temple Bar, an area famous for tourists... er, I mean pubs and cobblestone streets.  We walked down Anglesea Street and Lo and Behold!  Is that the Tardis materialized into the side of a building?

As it turned out, it was only a beautifully painted bay window in an historic building from 1899.  Still, that would be a funny episode of Doctor Who... how come he never materialises halfway up a building?  Anyway, we took the Dublin Bus home and I walked upstairs to my Macintosh.

Isn't that a cool desktop background?  It comes from David Hoffrichter on the  Deviant Art web page.  You can see I'm a huge Doctor Who geek.  Well, not as huge as some; I don't go around wearing a 10 foot long Tom Baker scarf, but I've thought about it!  Oh, check this out:  My Mom gave me a Tardis USB hub for my birthday.  It lights up and makes noise and everything.
Thanks Mom!


  1. You are welcome! Loved seeing that building-how gorgeous.

  2. Cool window! That had to be on purpose.
    Happy birthday!