Sunday, 17 June 2012

Sunday Shopping

Regularly my awesomer half and I make a trip into town (Baile Átha Cliath) on weekends to do a little shopping.  We did well today!  I must get the shopping gene from my mom. 
First stop, Nourish, a health food store.

Ok it's a happy hippy health food store.  Dude, hemp.  Right on.

Next stop, Boots the pharmacist.  They don't sell boots there.  I have yet to find "Drugs, the shoe store"...

Boots always has a 3 for 2 sale on vitamins n stuff.  Garlic is supposed to be good for your cholesterol, by the way.  It's a new thing I'm trying.

Marks & Spencer's has both a department store and a grocery store.  We call it "Marks & Sparks"

Fish!  They have good quality fish there.  We like cod, and plaice (a flat halibut-like creature) with a nice salad of fresh rocket (arugula)

Couldn't resist these.  Anyone who watched Doctor Who in the 80's will know why.

After grocery shopping we wandered into Arnott's.  They sell a soap there that I like.

We discovered Rituals soap at a hotel in Amsterdam.  I started out buying the Cedar & Orange, and now I kinda dig this one:  Bamboo & Cedar.

It's hard to resist the music store.  They have good 2 for12 sales.

I was a big fan of The Cure back in erm... junior high?  Wow.  Long time ago.  The employees at hmv were rocking out to this Chemical Brothers album when we walked in, so I picked it up.  Pretty groovy.

My awesomer half bought this for me.  This store rocks.

After the music store we strolled down O'Connell street to the book store.

We each picked up a couple Moleskine journals.  Eason's has some old stock left from when Moleskine was made in Italy.
 Sadly now they are made in China.  I've found the paper quality is not the same.  You can tell the old Italy-made journals from the new ones because they only have a bar code on the back.  To tell the difference:  The China-made journals have that new QR Code (the pixelated bar code) on the back.  The old ones don't.

Last stop, Brown Thomas.  Remember my blog post a couple weeks ago where they had the gold spray-painted rats in the window?  Yeah, that place.

Hmm.  Looks like fancy wrapping.  What did I get there?

Underwear!  Haha this is actually the FIRST item of Ermenegildo Zegna clothing that I have ever purchased.  Hey, you got to start somewhere!

And that was it for shopping.  Like I said, we did pretty well today.  Dublin has quite an array of stores and I think they do pretty well as far as fashion & big brands go.  We also looked at Tiffany rings and Panerai watches in Brown Thomas today.  Ahhh... some day she'll have that Legacy ring, and I'll have my Zegna suit.  :)

I have my Dad to thank for taking me on all those vacations to Palm Desert.  That must be where I get my good taste.  Thanks Dad!

Happy Fathers' Day everybody


  1. Ha! Love the hemp seed bread - looks like something that would be sold in the Republic of Wallingford area of Seattle, if hemp-related things were allowed to be sold in the states. My favorite beer is Hemp Creme Ale from up in BC Canada. I was too nervous to try to smuggle some back in the last time I was up there. Cursed with a life of good behavior.

  2. Wait? Barcodes are old school now? When did this happen?

  3. Looks like a perfectly fantastic day of shopping!