Thursday, 14 July 2011

Egyptians had lasers!

The National Museum of Ireland has a great collection of Egyptian antiquities.  One display in particular totally blew my mind.  It shows how the Egyptians sailed boats on LASERS!  Disney must have copied the idea for those Solar Sailer transport ships they used in the movie Tron.  How cool is that?  The Egyptians did it first.  I bet they used lasers to build the pyramids too.  Those guys were amazing.

 Copyright © 1982 by Walt Disney Productions

Copyright © 1982 by Walt Disney Productions
See?  Pyramids, lasers... it all makes sense now.

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  1. By the way, for anyone who didn't get it, this was a joke. I know the Eqyptians didn't build the pyramids with lasers. They had the UFOs help them with that. I know that's a fact because I heard it on the Art Bell radio show.