Friday, 1 July 2011

Funny Food

A few weeks ago I posted pictures of products from the local Asian grocery store and had a laugh at some of the product names (powdered chicken, happy rice, etc.) So in all fairness, now it is time to post a few pictures of the things you can find in a Western-style grocery store.  Without further ado I bring you the following items:

Dude, I am so baked. Do we have any munchies?

Dude, I still got the munchies.  Do we have anything else?

(nom nom nom)

Was this what Michael Jackson was singing about?

Has it changed yet? No. Still water. How 'bout now? Nope, it's still water. Now? No... still water...

Hewlett-Packard must be expanding. And now you can get HP in fruity? Apple better watch out.

I must be getting old.  I haven't had a Woo Woo yet and it's already Classic.

Who doesn't love Monkey Nuts? Come on, ya know you want 'em.

It's like having CHUCK NORRIS' biceps in a can. It will make you WIN at stuff you're not even supposed to win at, like exercise, and YELLING!!! It is made with so much CAFFEINE you'll be able to wave your hand so fast it will become INVISIBLE. That doesn't even MAKE SENSE!
[Has anyone reading this seen the movie, “Idiocracy”?]


  1. I get a cartoon every morning called the 5 a.m. Funny. It's pretty darn funny, but this blog beats it all to heck!

  2. Thanks, my favorite is "Still Water." I like how the bottle says, MINIMUM WEIGHT: 2 LITRES. Wait, what? I thought litres were a measure of volume? It should say: Min. Weight: 2 kg. since a litre of water is 1 kilogram, (at 4° C). And I asked about this: Still Water is not the same as distilled water. It means, "water that is not carbonated." Phew! So much entertainment from a bottle of water. Don't get me started on the Monkey Nuts.

  3. It's always so funny to see food packaging from other cultures. The descriptions defy your imagination sometimes! So I wonder ...... can you get Woo Woo Woozy from drinking too much Woo Woo?

  4. Choc Chip: Well, I've been told that champagne makes women dance and drop their pants, but I have no idea what woo woo will doo.

  5. Very fun post. So interesting to see what's on the shelves. Trippy.

  6. Jessica: You have to TYPE IN ALL CAPS to win at yelling, or drink Brawndo, The Thirst Mutilator! It's like riding a DINOSAUR attached to a ROCKET SHIP. It's got ELECTROLYTES which are extremely AWESOME!!!