Saturday, 9 July 2011

Grafton Street at night

This is the end of Grafton Street by St. Stephen's Green at night.  Well, I call it "night" because it was 10:00 PM but it stays light in the summer until rather late here.  Dublin is located at 53° N latitude, which I believe is further north than Vancouver and Toronto.  Pictures without further ado:

Pretty pedestrian streets...
 Dublin is full of lovely lamp posts...

Dear Ireland, we humbly apologise for this.  Sincerely, America...

This is a very old mall at St Stephen's Green...

I know it's a fun place but try not to wig out...

M... I... C... K... E... Y...  (yes, this is the Disney Store)


  1. Loved the pix. Thanks for sharing them. The very old mall isn't very old though. They knocked down a row of Georgian and Victorian pubs and houses to build it and many people complained bitterly! I remember drinking in the pubs when I was a student, and rehearsing plays in an upstairs room. They were a great haunt for actors and writers. One, on the corner, was probably the first gay pub in Dublin. There was a glorious long mahogany bar in another. When the building was demolished a friend of mine got hold of it. Don't know where it went after that - it's probably still in her parents' garage.

  2. When I got off the plane in Costa Rica and the first thing I saw was a Taco Bell I profusely apologized to everyone in my vicinity.

    I do have to admit that the Disney store is kind of cute.

  3. Oh my gosh the charm! I love those lamp posts. They're something out of a dream. Thanks for all this sharing. It's utterly delightful.