Tuesday, 16 August 2011

Celtic Whiskey Shop

I like Dawson Street.  They have Café En Seine, the Hodges Figgis book shop and this little beauty, The Celtic Whiskey Shop.  This is where we get our Crabbie's Ginger Beer.  OH yes, they sell more than whiskey here.  Just perusing their shop window is like taking an around-the-world cruise of booze.  For your enjoyment:

Hee yar Matie!  Wind in the sails.  Now... bring me that horizon.

I don't think that seal is going to be balancing anything after 151 proof!

Now there's something you don't see in America every day...

He's whispering to her, "You're going to be arse over teacups in an hour."

The 80-degrees refers to your angle after drinking said beverage.


  1. Love the absinthe bottle! So pretty. I wonder if the blue stuff tastes better than that watered down nasty stuff you can get here.

  2. indeed an excellent looking absinthe bottle :P
    you made me thirsty now, lolz :D

  3. I can't drink absinthe. I'm not sure what the problem is, but it makes me angry for no reason. But yeah, the bottles are very pretty. A good friend of mine bought me a bottle of La Fée Absinthe: The bottle has a Victorian look with a big "magic eye" on the front. It just put me in a foul mood and I ended up yelling at the telephone for ringing. "God dammit! Who the f*** is calling??!!!" I'm not usually an "angry drunk" but absinthe upsets my mood.

    My drink of choice is Irish Whiskey. I like to drink it neat in a Waterford glass, sitting by the fireside with some good conversation. Bushmills puts me in a much better mood than absinthe. It makes me all smiley and talkative. :)

    Link: http://www.lafeeabsinthe.com/