Monday, 1 August 2011

Heuston Station

We are having a bank holiday weekend, so hooray, Ireland gets Monday off.  My other half's parents came up on the train and visited this weekend.  We cooked chicken korma for dinner on Saturday night and tomato-bean-chorizo soup for dinner on Sunday night.  Today they are heading back on the train to Galway.

The train station in Dublin is very nice.  Construction began in 1844 and it opened 1846.  The railway company in Ireland is called:  Iarnród Éireann.  The trains are very clean and quiet, however the ticket prices are a bit steep; the cost for a round trip from Dublin to Galway is 48 euro.  However, they do give a pretty good senior discount.  Ireland has a free travel scheme where senior citizens do not have to pay for the bus, train or light rail.  Frequent users of public transportation are able to opt-in to a tax scheme where they can deduct all their public transportation fares from their yearly tax liability.  Another thing I just found out about:  Ireland has a bike-to-work scheme where the government will reimburse you for 51% of the purchase price of a new bike costing up to €1000.  Isn't that amazing?  I am totally getting a new bike.


  1. Miss you! Hope you are able to get that new bike. Glad Mary's parents could come for a visit--I know they must have loved your cooking.

  2. We were surprised that they ate the chicken korma. Usually they don't eat spicy food, but the korma was so mild. Miss you guys too!