Monday, 28 November 2011

Cherry Bomb!

I have to admit, my blog posts have been a little snarky lately.  It must be the weather or maybe I'm working too hard at my new job.  Maybe I miss taking long walks in Carmel just a little bit.  Maybe I miss flying enormously large kites at the park.  Anyway, what makes me feel better is getting some fresh fruit in winter.  Marks & Spencer to the rescue!

We've had some amazing Santini tomatoes (like cherry tomatoes) grown on the Isle of Wight, Seedless black grapes from Brazil, black figs from Turkey, persimmons from Israel and Pink Lady apples from Spain.

However I could not bring myself to buy the cherries.  Yes, they have fresh cherries in November.  But it'll cost ya pal.

Let's do some math.  Ok, 1 kilogram equals 2.2046 pounds, and each pound is 0.4536 kg.  1 euro is 1.33 USD at today's exchange rate.  At 25.50 per kilo, that means $33.96 per kilo.  Thus, $33.96 * 0.4536 is $15.40 per pound.  Hello daddy, hello mom.  I'm your...  Ch ch ch Cherry Bomb!

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