Sunday, 20 November 2011

Something Rugby Something

I think there was some kind of rugby match in Galway last night.  There were banners strung all about town and flapping Heineken flags over the road.  They even had a giant inflatable football on top of a pharmacy in Shop Street.  We heard the game broadcast on 3 radio stations on the drive home and I heard an announcer say it was the 100th game played by the Connacht rugby team.  The full details are here.  I guess they played Toulouse, France.

To be honest, the only thing I know about rugby is that they wear shirts with rubber buttons, and I used to buy rugby jerseys from the Lands End catalog.  haha  We were talking in the car and my fiancee's mom asked, "Do you like sports?"  I joked that I probably enjoyed eating escargot more then I enjoyed watching sports.  Hey, maybe that's what you need in order to win at rugby; eat some snails.  It must be good for the constitution.  Toulouse beat Galway 36-10.  C'est la Vie.

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