Saturday, 19 November 2011

Scenes from an Irish music shop

There is no doubt about it; the Irish love their music stores.  More importantly, they love to rock!  Check out the Homer Simpson wanna-be-Hendrix flaming guitar.  You know you want one.  (Matches not included.)  Or, for the Raffi and Ringo crowd, check out this yellow ukulele and Spongebob kid-sized guitar.  Be the most popular kid in your class!  Get invited to all the cool parties at Bikini Bottom!  Annoy your parents!  Now if that's all just kid stuff, and you really want to rock, check this bad boy out:   Cherry Bomb Red Garvey accordion with a Black Sabbath instructional DVD.  "I am Iron Man!"  Duh duh dun nun nuh....  For those of you who hung out by the back of the school and wore a lot of black in the 80's, we have a totally awesome Yamaha keyboard for you.  If you ever danced to Depeche Mode, wore a Cure t-shirt or (you are truly rad) you know who The Bubblemen are, this is the instrument for you.  How much MIDI can you handle?

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