Wednesday, 8 June 2011

Eason's Rocks!

I love this store.  First of all, it is a stationery store, second of all they sell Filofax refills (I am addicted to my Filofax) and third, they take American Express.  Ommmm... the holy trinity of office supply awesomeness is complete.  And just to reaffirm your belief in the Great Spirit, there is a Tower Records on the third floor.  I kid you not.  The only time I have ever been disappointed in Easons was when I asked if they had any Dr. Who school supplies?  I totally wanted a Tardis portfolio.  Surely such a thing must exist?  Alas no.  Eason's has never sold any Dr. Who school supplies.  That's ok.  I found another shop in Dublin that satisfies my Dr. Who fix; there is a comic book store on Upper O'Connell Street called The Forbidden Planet.  Best.  Comic book store.  Ever.  They have everything you could ever want that is Dr. Who related, from Dalek desk toys to life-size wall murals of the Tardis.  Anyway, back to Easons:  They have a book store on the street level and they sell all the latest novels and magazines.  The escalator takes you up to the stationery department and the escalator on that floor takes you up to Tower Records.  Three floors of amazing.  Did I mention how much I love this country?


  1. No way?! Tower Records???
    ALso, there is a 7 floor department store in Ginza, in Tokyo by Shige's hotel, that is called ... i forget but it's logo is a red paper clip- that is the best stationary store on the planet. But I highly doubt they sell Filofax refills....

  2. I think the Japanese have invented a robot that writes in your Filofax for you. It also fights crime and giant monsters while you are sleeping. I think it's called the Neon Filofax Evangelion.

    No, seriously though, Japanese stationary is awesome. I brought all my Sakura Gelly Roll pens with me to Ireland. :)