Friday, 17 June 2011

Oh so that's where rainbows come from

In Ireland, rainbows come from these special street lights made in factories deep underground by Leprechauns. No seriously, this is a street light in Merrion Square, a really posh business district in Dublin. This is the place where all the pretty Georgian doors come from in those posters of The Doors of Dublin. This place is so posh that the Saudi Arabian and Arab Emirates embassies are here. In order to work in Merrion Square, you must drive:

  • a black BMW
  • a black Bentley
  • a dark metallic pewter Jaguar
  • or ride a Dutch bicycle called a Gazelle, (must be black of course)

I went for a job interview here. Niiiice place. It was one of those recruitment agencies that fills positions for companies, also known as headhunters. I was most impressed with the black Gazelle bicycle however, which I found parked at the iron fence surrounding the park. Apparently that is the new thing in bicycles; people are going the classic route and buying Dutch bikes with hub dynamos, integrated fender lights and leather Brooks saddles. Finally, the world has come to its senses. Bicyclists don't have to look like idiots anymore and wear lycra shorts and stupid shoes you can't walk into the grocery store with.

Ahem. Anyway, I went for a job interview in Merrion Square, and found it was a very cool experience. These old buildings from the 18th century exude a serious Scrooge & Marley business aire like this is the neighborhood where all the important work gets done. I would love to get a job in Merrion Square, but alas I believe I am destined for some cube-farm where the HR ninnies police your calendars (sorry sir, that Waterhouse painting depicts the female breast and is against our corporate policy,) and limit you to fewer than 3 cube toys. So I guess that will have to be a Dr. Who Tardis and possibly a Hot Wheels Lotus Elise, or the blinky-LED kit I soldered together, (I haven't decided yet.)


  1. Good luck with the job hunt and welcome to Ireland :)

  2. Thanks! I'm hoping to get a job soon. I've got a graduate degree in engineering, so that's a step in the right direction. Must stay positive about these things; it's easy to get frustrated during a job search.