Sunday, 12 June 2011

I'll take a Pepperoni Fry Bread with extra garlic

On the Quay in Dublin, I found this pizza-by-the-slice shop. It makes sense because Dublin is a college town and Trinity College is a few blocks away. Every college town from Berkeley to Boston has a by-the-slice shop like this. Still, I would have never connected Native Americans with Pizza. But then, it all makes perfect sense. It could even be the next gourmet fad.

Check this out and tell me Wolfgang Puck is not pulling his hair out because he didn't think of it first: Fry Bread Pizza with Pesto, Pine Nuts and Sun Dried Tomato? OMG, think of the possibilities: Blue corn pizza with buffalo sausage and wild morel mushrooms! That would rock. I think Native American cuisine is the next big thing. Forget curries and poppadoms. Indian (er... from India) food is so 00's. Native American is the new Indian. Be brave. Give the acorn pesto a try.

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