Tuesday, 7 June 2011

Happy Breakfast

This is my version of Irish breakfast. Poached eggs and blood sausage. I brought a 2 quart Staub pot with me to Ireland—I had bought it years ago when I worked at Sur Le Table—and boiled water. After boiling, I took the pot off the burner and dropped in a guaranteed free range organic cruelty free egg. After about 5 minutes, this is the result; the center is nice and creamy and it makes a happy face when you cut into it with a fork. Yay! Oh, the other things on the plate are my new discovery: Black Pudding. It contains 36% pork blood. Oh yes. These come in a single sausage for 1.36 euro and you slice them up and fry them in a pan for 7 minutes. Now I know what Rachel Rey means when she says, “yum-o!” This stuff is awesome.

By the way, I did nothing to set up this shot. Irish breakfasts are naturally happy.


  1. Your breakfast picture is hilarious. Who wouldn't get a great start to their day facing that first thing? And I must try your method for cooking your eggs!

  2. I had no idea how to poach an egg so that's just what came to mind; boil water, take it off and drop in an egg after the water settles a bit.

    I remember back in the 80's you had some kind of Teflon-coated tray that held 5 eggs and went into a pot. That thing worked pretty well because it held the eggs in place. When I drop them in a pot of hot water, they tend to spread out and go all over the place.